Activities and Objectives

Activities and Objectives

The IWSS publishes a newsletter that is sent to members twice a year and holds the International Weed Control Congress every four years.
  • The objectives of the Society, as cited in its constitution include:
  • Encourage, promote, and assist development of global weed science and weed control technology
  • Promote and assist international communications between individuals and organizations
  • Promote and assist development of special symposia on topics of international interest
  • Encourage and assist education and training in weed science and technology
  • Provide a calendar of important weed science events
  • Maintain liaison with relevant national and international organizations
  • Stimulate research, extension, and regulatory programs to answer changing weed problems
  • Encourage and assist in development of weed science societies.
To provide an international forum to deal with global weed problems by:
  • organizing congresses, and collaborating in organizing meetings and courses.
  • publishing and participating in publishing newsletters, proceedings, and monographs.