President Message

President Message

Our 7th International Weed Science Congress in Prague could only be described as a great scientific and cultural experience. To all who attended the Congress, presented papers and posters, attended the various sessions and workshops, graced the special meetings and social events, and most especially those who were at the helm of the scientific program and the local organization, and those who ran the various events - THANK YOU. You had volunteered invaluable time and made personal sacrifices toward realizing our goals and I cannot thank you enough for your service, for your unconditional support.
] It is a great honor and privilege to be serving as the President of IWSS until 2020. This is a formidable task, yet I derive strength and inspiration from our leadership team. Please join me in welcoming our IWSS Board members: Samunder Singh (Vice-President), Do-Soon Kim (Secretary), Ian Burke (Treasurer), Albert Fischer (Immediate Past President), and Baruch Rubin (Ex-officio). Soon we will be joined by others who will assume various critical leadership roles in the society. As we move forward, let us remember the lessons from the various sessions and events during the 2016 Congress. Challenges pertaining to sustainable food production, specifically weed management and environmental stewardship besiege us. Our global problems require global solutions and collaborations. I would like to thank the leaders of regional Weed Science societies who attended our special orientation meeting during the Congress in Prague. I encourage all leaders of regional weed science societies to share information about regional activities via our IWSS webpage. Likewise, help us disseminate information to your respective regional societies. I encourage all members to utilize the resources at the IWSS webpage and alert us about information that we could share, or that you would like to have included. This is the best forum for us to stay connected and to enable mutual support.
The IWSS Board is looking forward to working closely with Dr. Chanya Maneechote and the Weed Science Society of Thailand who will host the 8th International Weed Science Congress in Bangkok in 2020. This will be the first time for the Congress to be held in Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, as we are laying the groundwork for our next major gathering, we aim stay connected with, and continue supporting, our regional societies.
I encourage our members to consider serving as an officer of IWSS or chairing any of the committees. Let us continue working together toward strengthening Weed Science and attaining sustainable Agriculture globally.
President, IWSS