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Electronic Catalog of Weeds from Costa Rica and Mesoamerica. Produced by Adolfo Soto, Eithel Vallejos, Franklin Herrera and Carlos E. Rojas.

This is a review of the main plant species, many of them considered as weeds, associated with important crops in Costa Rica and Mesoamerica. This is a program that can only be installed on PC compatible computers.

It provides a general view of these species but by no means substitutes consultation with experts and written resources in taxonomy. More than 70 families and 190 species are included, each with a photograph of a key character that helps in its identification as well as a photograph of how it looks in the field. In a few cases, a video clip is also included, such as with Mimosa pudica. The authors developed a simple identification key for the non-specialist and provided a catalog of the flowers of most of the species to help field advisors and farmers identify the plants of interest. The material is presented as freeware and can be copied and distributed with proper acknowledgment of the source. It can also be obtained as a CD for a nominal cost of USD 10 to defray production and shipping costs. The authors kindly requests notification of any mistake and appreciate any suggestion to improve the catalog. Please contact Ing. Adolfo Soto, Web site

A Microsoft Excel® VBA macro is available for performing statistical analyses on pesticide dose-response data.

This macro can be freely downloaded from

The author is: Andrea Onofri
Department of Agro-environmental Sciences - University of Perugia
Borgo XX Giugno 74 - 06121 Perugia - ITALY